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DayCare Program

Infant Program (ages 6+ weeks):

ØNurturing and Calming Environment
ØDevelop eating and sleeping pattern
ØEmotional and Physical Development by Singing, Talking, Holding, Reading and Playing games
ØDevelop Trusting and Loving Relationship
ØPhysical Activity to include tummy time, walker training, sitting up, and standing
ØParent receives Daily Report

Toddler Program (ages 1 year+):

ØBased on child’s individual development level (e.g. walking, speaking development), we provide them opportunities to learn in a safe, loving and fun environment
ØMusic, reading and storytelling are major part in your child’s development process.  Time is scheduled each morning for this activity.
ØSocial skills are important and we provide circle time and other group activitiesso children learn to share, be patient and taking turns in a group setting.
ØParent receives Daily Report

Early Preschool & Preschool Program (ages 2-4 years):

ØRoutine activities: coloring, puzzles, play dough, painting and a variety of blocks and other activities.
ØArts & Crafts: projects emphasizing creativity/technique and most importantly "trying" rather than final outcome.
ØMusic: daily use of songs, rhymes, poems or recorded music.
ØNumbers: counting is a part of every day.  Other activities involving concepts such as volume, size, shape, and measurements.
ØLanguage Arts: Story Time will occur daily. Your child will develop comprehension and listening skills.
ØDaily outdoor play, weather permitting

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Daily Learning Activities


Language Arts


Introduction of Words Songs

Hands-on Activities